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Folio Hallmark Print

We know our prints will wow because our books do and, without the constraints the book-bind-process imposes, we can take our ICC colour profiles to the top-end of their capability to print at maximum resolution. The resulting image quality is really quite stunning. In fact, we’re so confident about what we’ve achieved that we’ve developed our own Folio hallmark, combining the iconic Yorkshire Rose with an oak leaf symbolising our commitment to the environment.

Of course images are only as good as papers and inks allow and ours are the very best, archival quality. You can choose from the three types of matte-finished fine art papers used for our books - Art White, Art Cotton and Gallery Cotton.

Quality paper that lasts and lasts.

Our matte-finished fine art papers are truly worthy of their place inside our hand-made books. They are chosen to last a lifetime and have an impeccable, sustainable provenance. We offer three types.

Art White is our wood-based 200 gsm paper and, by far, our most popular. It is a bright, white paper that reproduces a vivid spectrum of colours to deliver a punch. Alternatively, Art Cotton is a 100 per cent, 220 gsm cotton rag with a gentle texture that gives razor-sharp definition but with a warmer hue. Creamier still is Gallery Cotton which has the same texture and base colour as Art Cotton but weighs in at a luxurious 310gsm.

Don’t wait too long.

Our prints are dispatched to you within two to three working days via express parcel company DPD UK, which has a commitment to a carbon-neutral service.


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